The Lamb Has Two Sex

The Lamb Has Two Sex
BOYOLALI - A young goat Java type derivatives etawa unique and rare, was born from its mother in the village of Mojolegi, District Terrace, Boyolali district, by having two male and female genitalia. Ngadi (40) Village residents Mojolegi goat owner, Terrace, Boyolali, Wednesday, said: the mother of his goat, just gave birth to a course, but it is known to have type male and female genitalia.

Unique kid is two weeks old, and being born in a healthy condition. However, having genital female attached near the anus and the other is attached to the lower abdomen. "I previously did not know if the genitals of two, but this could be a spectacle of people around," he said.

Suyatmi (36), wife Ngadi explain, initially mistaken for androgynous male goat, but after known urine way out from under the anus or under the tail. Apparently a young goat, androgynous. According to him, his family was surprised when the parent is the goat just gave birth to a tail, because it usually can bear more than one tail. "I was with her family do not get special signs prior to the birth of a young goat," he said.

However, he said, when the birth of a unique kid should be assisted by way pulled out of the stomach parent. He explained that the goat is a goat of Java, but the marriage is done by artificial insemination or mating syringe with goat seed types etawa. "So, the goat, has a characteristic type etawa," he said.

While the kid who was born in the village of androgynous Mojolegi have time to form the free spectacle for local people. In fact, there are people who will buy for maintained. According Suyatmi, his family has not intend to sell the rare kid who, despite some residents who bid price above the normal price.

"Children these goats do not intend to sell. I'm still going to keep up to great," he said. Related to that, according to Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Boyolali, Dwi Priyatmoko, rare kid who is suspected because there are abnormalities at conception. However, he had not yet know whether the two kid's genitals, can serve all.

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