Oops ... There is a Thief Houses in Malaysia!

Oops ... There is a Thief Houses in Malaysia!
KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian man homeowner surprised to find a two-story wooden house that he rented his property missing. Local newspaper The Star was written on Friday (11 / 3).

Zuria Ali (30) said he was greeted with views of woods scattered, broken television set and 24 pillars of the house when it comes to his house in the state of Perlis, northern Malaysia that borders Thailand. "I've heard that my house was gone and was curious to find out the truth," the daily wrote, citing Zuria.

He lost furniture, tableware, cupboards, dining table and a refrigerator. The total losses estimated at about 30,000 ringgit (90 million rupiah).

Neighbors Zuria, Ah Kiung said he saw three men and one big car in the house last month. "I think all three do demolition job on the order the owner of the house," said Ah Kiung.

"I do not suspect anything until he (Zuria) asked me about it," said Ah Kiung. Police confirmed that it received reports of "lost their homes, " wrote the newspaper.


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