German Granny Cool Experiment: Success 15 Years Live a Life Without a penny Money

BERLIN - Money is not everything, and money can not buy happiness. Not theory, because Heidemarie Schwermer successful practice in everyday life. Unmitigated, grandmother of 69 years has successfully lived without money for 15 years!

Eagerly, he tells how he's healthy, wealthy, and are happy to give all the cash 15 years ago.

Heidemarie out of his home in Dortmund since then. He wandered from town to town with just a suitcase, a cellphone, and laptops.

"I proved my belief that I can live without money. I can get everything I need to barter and get a gift," he said, which immediately poured his experiences in his book, The Star Money Experiment.

He even refused an advance from his publisher for his book. "I told them to give to charity, so can make many people happy, not just one person," he said.

Heidemarie, a widow, left a comfortable home in 1996 after his children began to leave home and live independently. He claimed irritated by the changes in society, which is mentioned more and more consumerist and greedy.

She feed herself with all the abilities they can. In fact, he was on holiday abroad, with a return trip ticket bartered his services as a teacher and psychotherapist.

"I have never lacked food, clothes or friends. I do not want my life to be governed by the stress created money or bills, and greed. I was running alone in life," he said.

What are the benefits of life without money? He claimed the more prosperous and happy. "For 15 years I almost never see a doctor. Now I'm as healthy as the violin," he joked.

Source : Republika
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