Oops .. A Dog So 'Witness' On A Trial

LONDON - Gloucester Court courtroom was broken by the laughter of the audience when the judge thanked the police dog for his arrest a thief. The dog, which is known named Shepherd Zak, bark-gong 'woof woof' as if to say 'together' for a thank-you judge the Julian Lambert.

John Davies, 35-year-old boy, was sentenced to prison for nine months in Gloucester District Court. He was found guilty after pleading trying to steal a bronze statue worth £ 3,000 (USD 42.7 million) at Cheltenham Park City in August.

A pair of young men hiding in the bushes and called the police to inform criminal acts being carried out by Davies. When knowing the arrival of the police, the man from Evesham, Worcs, had jumped a fence to escape. But, fortunately there is a direct Zak chasing and biting the ass Davies.

Gloucester Court courtroom, while half-whisper, lawyers told Judge Julian Lambert told about the heroic action of a German dog is eight years old. Smiling, Lambert gave congratulations to Zak. "Good. I hope gigitanmu very sick. Good, Zak," said Lambert.

The whole courtroom burst of laughter when Lambert thanked Zak. The courtroom was more boisterous when Zak replied thank the judge with a gong-gongannya. Woof woof

"That last bite before retiring Zak," Zak said the handler. (mirror.co.uk)

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