Sharia BRI Microfinance Aims 30 Percent

Sharia BRI Microfinance Aims 30 Percent
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Syariah microfinance growth target to 20 percent. According to BRI Micro Banking Group Head of the Sharia, Sigit Suryawan, it targets the growth of micro-financing of Rp 504 billion to Rp 1.7 trillion.

''In 2010, the microfinance portfolio is still small, compared to total financing, it is still below five percent,''he said when met after the Customer Gathering Republika Customers and Prospective Customers Syariah BRI Micro, Sunday (13 / 3). Financing is still dominated by the People's Housing Credit (KPR) and the Pledge.

In addition to increasing socialization of micro financing to customers and prospective customers, BRI Syariah also apply margin below competitors. BRI Syariah waqf was going to issue a coupon to the function as a revolving fund.

BRI Syariah microfinance using murabahah. In this contract a bridge bank sales with customers. Looking ahead, BRI Syariah will add two new contract, namely Ijarah and musyaraqah mutanaqisas.

Ijarah is a lease agreement where the rights of the purchases made still owned bank customers, but will be given a transfer if it is up to the deadline.

While musyaraqah mutanaqisas is providing working capital to the customer. Where the customer would make payments to repay so that the next partial ownership of banks may become the property of the customer.

Ceiling microfinance at BRI Syariah is at USD 5 million to Rp 500

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