Develop Allianz Microinsurance Sharia

Allianz life
 Jakarta, Allianz Indonesia is developing micro-insurance business sharia. Business that was involved four years ago has now got quite a significant portion, especially in one child Allianz Indonesia engaged in life insurance, Allianz Life.

CEO Deputy Chief Distribution Officer of Allianz Life, Handojo G. Kusuma, said that the Islamic microinsurance try to reach the region developed in the corners of the country. ''In addition to partnerships with finance companies, cooperation is also intertwined with the Financing Bank Rakyat Syariah (BPRS) and cooperatives,''said Handojo told Republika when found in the New Building Inauguration ceremony of Allianz Indonesia.
He claims no special market which became the main focus. Because the provisions in which only depend on the business partner of Allianz's market.
For example, our partner''more toward sharia products like this, yes we compensate,''he said. He said the product made ​​in a single package with a product partner company.

Source: Republika

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