Signs of Infertility (physiological state) - What precisely is infertility?

The problems with either conceiving a toddler, or with ending the physiological condition to its ultimate fruitful finish, represent the definition of physiological state. physiological state is that the incapability of a private to become pregnant, just in case of females, or the incapability to induce physiological condition, just in case of the males. the shortcoming of a private to hold out a physiological condition to its term is additionally dubbed physiological state. however do i acknowledge infertility? What ar the signs of infertility?

Signs of physiological state don't seem to be perpetually evident. the majority undergo life while not knowing there's a tangle with their generative systems, attributing unsuccessful pregnancies to providence. In fact, miscarriages ar the foremost common indicator of physiological state. Signs of physiological state in women:

In women, the signs of physiological state ar a lot of without delay recognized as compared to men. pathology causes the liner of the female internal reproductive organ to grow outside the female internal reproductive organ.

Bacterial infections could begin round the {uterus|womb|female internal generative organ} and unfold to alternative reproductive organs, leading to physiological state. Fibroids within the female internal reproductive organ ar indicative of physiological state. Tumors within the cervix typically cause pathology, or narrowing of the cervix, that may be a common indicator of physiological state.

Ovulating before the tenth day and once the 20 th day of one's monthly cycle, pre-menstrual recognizing, biological time symptoms, etc. ar indicative of secretory phase defect, and so successively ar signs too.

Irregular catamenial cycles ar the foremost common indication in females that they could have some issues with fertility. However, an irregular oscillation isn't conclusive in itself, however it's undoubtedly one in all the signs of physiological state.

Issues relating to weight ar typically indicators of being barren. For a girl, being too skinny, or anorexic, will certainly hinder physiological condition, since the body doesn't have the right nutritionary needs, or the specified strength.

Alternatively, blubber can even be a symbol. blubber is in the midst of secretion imbalance, that affects the genital system and physiological condition. Signs of physiological state in Men:

Like females, in males too, either blubber, or eating disorder, is a sign that he's barren. excluding these, anatomical defects may additionally be signs of physiological state. testicle testicles, or harm to pouch and therefore the gonads, ar attainable indicators too. sporting tight undergarments, or exposing the testicles to heat, could render the person unable to provide the specified variety of sperms, or unable to provide sperms altogether, leading to physiological state.

Determining the signs of infertility:

There ar several medical procedures for sleuthing the signs that facilitate to work out whether or not a private is barren or not. Doctors sometimes impose one or a lot of of the subsequent medical tests:
  • Hysterosalpingography. A dye injected into the duct is monitored to envision for blockage within the fallopian tubes or female internal reproductive organ.
  • Laparotomy. If sickness and alternative physical issues ar gift within the ovaries, fallopian tubes, or within the female internal reproductive organ, physiological state is recommended. this might be detected through laparotomy.

Infertility may be a drawback which may be solved  if it's addressed  within the holistic means, which is, employing a multifarious methodology of healing. obtaining regular health checkups, taking supplements to combat existing drawback, physical exercise and stress reduction techniques ar solely a part of the holistic resolution to physiological state. The holistic approach isn't solely a surefire thanks to increase your possibilities of conception it additionally guarantees a secure and healthy physiological condition.

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Reaching Love Itself

Romantic Love in Islam 

This hub discourses a few of the argues why a few would call Islam the religion of love itself. "Whoever’s love for us additions, his love for women must also addition," and, "Whenever a person’s love for women additions, his faith also additions." 
Romantic Love in Islamic Literature 
Being a process the theoretical and practical expressions of Islamic romantic love as experienced in 11th century Cordova, Spain, it delineates the fundamentals of love, its causes, symptoms, accomplishments, frustrations, and dangers. Ibn Hazm stresses that “Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God’s hands. Ibn Dawud talked about human love (‘ishq) as a disease for which doctors have no cure. 
Martyrs of Romantic Love in Islam 
The Prophetic custom about the martyrs of love says, “He who loves and remains pure and hides his secret and dies, dies a martyr.” The Calamities of the Slain Lovers talks about the honor of those who loved passionately and continued pure through several chapters as well as accounts of those whom love (‘ishq) killed. 
Romantic Love in Sufism 
“If the language of love makes no impression on you, you are as good as dead,” said the supreme Persian love poet Sa’di of Shiraz. Among other great Sufi proponents of this mystical interpreting of romantic love were Ahmad al-Ghazali (Sawanih al-’ushshaq or The Lovers’ goes through), Ruzbihan Baqli (‘Abhar al-ashiqin or Jasmine of the Lovers), and Awhad al-Din Kirmani. Ibn ‘Arabi's romantic love poetry, called The representative of Desires, was offered to a young and wise Isfahani girl, Nizam, a kind of celestial eternal Feminine, the shape of divine love and beauty for the poet. 'Attar of Nishapur describes the overwhelming power of romantic love in his group discussion of the Birds by telling the story of a venerable old Sufi master who fell in love with a Christian girl, burned up the Qur’an, drank wine, herded her pigs, and became an apostate to Islam in pursuit of “the religion of love.” 

Love and hate 

For example, if justice is to be loved injustice should be hated. One has to love for the sake of God and hate for the sake of God. Certainly Islam recommends Muslims to love people and optimise compassionate and sincere relationship with them, even if they do not believe in Islam or in God. There are fair people and despotic people. Of course, in Islam love is universal and the Prophet of Islam was not sent, "save as a mercy unto all beings" (The Qur'an 21: 107). According to Islam, love has to be enlightened. A sacred love is the love which is realistic and insightful. The reason for this emphasise is that love naturally tends to make the lover "blind and deaf'. If you love some one it is very unlikely to have an impartial view of it, unless the love is directed by the reason. This is why even Sufi Muslims try not to be overwhelmed by love. According to Islam, the minimum expectation from believers is that God should have the first place in their heart, in the sense that no other love may override one's love for God; God should be the highest and foremost object of love. The Qur'an says: This verse clearly indicates that one's love for God has to be superior to one's love for whatever else that one may come to love in one's life. This superiority shows itself when the love for God and for His religion comes in conflict with one's love for one's personal belongings. A believer is the person whose love for God is the highest and strongest love he has. Elsewhere, the Qur'an says: 
Yet there are some people who adopt rivals instead of God, whom they love even as they (should) love God. Those who believe are firmer in their love of God ... (2:165) 
Why should one love God? According to Islam, one reason for loving God lies in the fact that God is the most precious, the most perfect and the most beautiful being, that a man can ever conceive and therefore, man out of his nature that aspires to values, beauty and perfection loves God. 
Many Islamic scholars, especially mystics have asserted that everybody feels in his heart a great love for God the Almighty without necessarily being aware of it. The Qur'an says: "O man! Others might take political power as their god, and so on. The Qur'an says: 
"Have you seen him who takes his low desires for his god?" (25:43; 45:23) 
"Nothing other than God has been ever loved. It is God who has manifested Himself in whatever is beloved for the eyes of those who love. There is no being except that it loves. God, the most High, says (in the Qur'an): `and your Lord has commanded not to worship but Him.'No one has ever loved anything other than his Creator. The other reason for loving God is to reciprocate His love and blessings. Love God because He has done good to you and He has bestowed favours upon you. [12] 
According to Islamic narrations, God said to both Moses and David: "Love me and endear Me to my people." My God, The uninterrupted flow of Thy graciousness has distracted me from thanking Thee!
Although God's love for His servants is not arbitrary and depends on their merits, His love for offenders and who have turned their back to Him is so great that it highly outdoes their expectation. On those who repent and believe and do good deeds, the Qur'an says:"... these are they of whom God changes the evil deeds to good ones; and God is Forgiving, Merciful." (25:70). God returns to such handmaidens and then they repent and bring back to Him, and then God brings back to them to forgive them. According to Islamic mysticism, one's cognition of God as the most beautiful and perfect being and the source of all good things that one has and successively one's love for God who is love and mercy gets so accented and covering that it will occupy all one's heart. Servitude to God is a substance, whose essence is lordship. [16] The service and worship of God The most elect?as God has said: (the Qur'an, 51:56) At last comes Love which ousts all else: Love undoes all sense of `two'; Love makes all One, Suhrawardi in his On the Reality of Love elaborates his view on the spiritual journey. Suhrawardi believes that knowledge of the self leads to the discovery that the self is divine and this results in loving God and having Sufi experiences. According to Islam, love for God is very active and manifests itself in all aspects of one's life. It shapes all one's love and hatred. My servant constantly gets close to me by nawafil till I love him. Imam Jafar al?Sadiq said: "Do you disobey God and pretend you love Him? [21] We read in the Qur'an: Whoever from among you turns back from his religion, then God will bring a people, He shall love them and they shall love Him, lowly before the believers, mighty against the unbelievers, they shall strive hard in God's way and shall not fear the censure of any censurer. (5:54) The history of Islam is full of memories of those who embodied a sincere and overwhelming love for God and His religion. Keep thy belief hidden. He (God) knows (all) secrets: conceal thy desire. " Love is the All?subduer, and I am subdued by Love: By Love's blindness I have been made bright like the sun. A believer who loves God is expected to love His people and be kind to them. O servant of God, let your love and hate be for the sake of God, because no one can attain to the wilayah (guardianship) of God without that, and no one shall find the taste of faith without that, though his prayers and fast be great in number. [23] If one's love and hate are to be only for the sake of, it would be impossible not to love His people. Then God will. God Himself is love and has created the world out of love. He treats human beings with love. Faith also starts with love, an overwhelming love for certain truths and is required to flourish by the nourishment of this love to the extent that one's love for God fills all parts of one's heart and directs all aspects of one's life. One's love for God can increase only when one reduces one's selfishness and if one can ultimately get rid of selfishness and I?ness one will be a perfect man whose will and pleasure would be the will and pleasure of God. Love for God and freedom from selfishness can be secured at first by sacrifice and losing one's desires for the sake of God, and His people and then by having no desire other than what He desires and no will other than His. 

[12] al-­Daylami, 1370 A.H., p.226; my translation
[16] Mizan al ­Hikmah, Vol. 6, p. 13, no. 11317
[21] Cited from Mutahhari, 1985, Ch. 6.
[23] (Majlisi, 1983, Vol. 27, p. 54)


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German Granny Cool Experiment: Success 15 Years Live a Life Without a penny Money

BERLIN - Money is not everything, and money can not buy happiness. Not theory, because Heidemarie Schwermer successful practice in everyday life. Unmitigated, grandmother of 69 years has successfully lived without money for 15 years!

Eagerly, he tells how he's healthy, wealthy, and are happy to give all the cash 15 years ago.

Heidemarie out of his home in Dortmund since then. He wandered from town to town with just a suitcase, a cellphone, and laptops.

"I proved my belief that I can live without money. I can get everything I need to barter and get a gift," he said, which immediately poured his experiences in his book, The Star Money Experiment.

He even refused an advance from his publisher for his book. "I told them to give to charity, so can make many people happy, not just one person," he said.

Heidemarie, a widow, left a comfortable home in 1996 after his children began to leave home and live independently. He claimed irritated by the changes in society, which is mentioned more and more consumerist and greedy.

She feed herself with all the abilities they can. In fact, he was on holiday abroad, with a return trip ticket bartered his services as a teacher and psychotherapist.

"I have never lacked food, clothes or friends. I do not want my life to be governed by the stress created money or bills, and greed. I was running alone in life," he said.

What are the benefits of life without money? He claimed the more prosperous and happy. "For 15 years I almost never see a doctor. Now I'm as healthy as the violin," he joked.

Source : Republika
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Address List of Bank Syariah Mandiri

Jl. Sisingamaraja, Perdagangan
Kab. Simalungun
Telp.    : (0622) 697777
Fax.    : (0622) 697177

KCP Kisaran
Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 195
Kisaran, Medan
Telp.    : (0623) 348500, 348501
Fax.    : (0623) 348502

UPS Tanjung Balai
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 35 DE
Tanjung Balai
Telp.    : (0623) 597373
Fax.    : (0623) 596933

PP. PT. Bridgestone
Komp. PT. Bridgestone Sumatera Rubber
Estate Dolok Merangir, Pos Serbalawan
Kabupaten Simalungun
Telp.    : (0622) 64118
Fax.    : (0622) 64227

KC Purwakarta
Jl. Ibrahim Singadilaga No. 88
Telp.    : (0264) 231760
Fax.    : (0264) 231761

KC Jember
Jl. Panglima Besar Sudirman No. 52
Telp.    : (0331) 411522
Fax.    : (0331) 411525

PP. UNMUH_Jember
Universitas Muhammadiyah
Jl. Karimata No. 49
Telp.    : (0331) 335806
Fax.    : (0331) 335806

PP. STAIN_Jember
Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri
Jl. Jum'at No. 94, Mangil Jember
Telp.    : (0331) 411500
Fax.    : (0331) 411500

KC Manado
Kawasan Mega Mas Jl. Piere Tendean
Boulevard Blok I D-1 No. 28 Manado
Telp.    : (0431) 879444
Fax.    : (0431) 879492

KC Denpasar  Teuku Umar Square
Jl. Teuku Umar No. 177
Telp.    : (0361) 231999
Fax.    : (0361) 237100

KC Jayapura
Jl. Raya Kelapa Dua No. 1-2
Entrop, Jayapura
Telp.    : (0967) 550965, 550966
Fax.    : (0967) 550968

KC Bengkulu
Jl. Semangka No. 49 Lingkar Timur,
Telp.    : (0736) 342007, 346498
Fax.    : (0736) 346707

KLS Bengkyulu S. Parman
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman No. 183
Telp.    : (0736) 24313
Fax.    : (0736) 24313

KC Langsa
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 28 - 29
Kota Langsa, NAD
Telp.    : (0641) 426135, 21357, 426251
Fax.    : (0641) 426051

KK Pasar Lang sa
Jl. Teuku Umar No. 61
Kota Langsa
Telp.    : (0641) 22035, 23913
Fax.    : (0641) 23804

PP. Madrasa Ulumul Qur'an
Jl. Banda Aceh - Medan Km. 447
Kota Langsa
Telp.    : (0641) 7014766
Fax.    : (0641) 7014766

KC Purwokerto
Ruko Kranji Megah Blok C
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 393
Telp.     : (0281) 641108, 641685
Fax.     : (0281) 642890

KLS Cilacap
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 100
Telp.     : (0282) 534826
Fax.     : (0282) 534826

KC Jakarta Kelapa Gading
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Blok I - I J
Jakarta Utara
Telp.     : (021) 45854513, 45854262
Fax.     : (021) 45874652

KAS KELILING Jabodetakcil

KK Semarang Ngaliyan
Ruko Siliwangi Plaza Blok A - 5
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 187 - 189
Karangayu - Semarang
Telp.     : (024) 70773184
Fax.     : (024) 7603139

PP Semarang RS. Roemani
Kompleks RS. Roemani
Jl. Wonodri No. 22
Telp.     : (024) 8444623
Fax.     : (024) 8444623

KLS Semarang Pandanaran
Jl. Pandanaran No. 104
Semarang, Jawa Tengah
Telp.     : (024) 8455043
Fax.     : (024) 8455043


KLS Bengkulu S. Parman
Jl. Letjen. S.Parman No. 183
Telp.     : (0736) 24313
fax.     : (0736) 24313

KC langsa
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 28 - 29
Kota Langsa, NAD
Telp.     : (0641) 426135, 21357
Fax.     : (0641) 426051

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HSBC Amanah Asset Increase Focus

HSBC Amanah Asset Increase Focus
JAKARTA - Sharia The Hongkong Shanghai Bank Corp (HSBC) Indonesia, HSBC Amanah, focus its activities in 2011 to improve the asset. Head of HSBC Amanah, Herwin Bustaman, said that since the double tax on the commodity murabaha 2010 and then abolished, HSBC Amanah find the confidence to release new products to spur growth.

"Now, we've only dared to remove the product," he said when met Republika. In addition to leasing, HSBC Amanah began issuing new financing products such as warehouse financing, mortgages (mortgage), as well as a number of contract-based products murabaha and mudaraba.

For now, Herwin mentions warehouse leasing and financing will be a flagship HSBC Amanah. Financing scheme that is used is the result of the development of products that already exist in other branches of HSBC Amanah abroad.

Especially for leasing, HSBC Amanah using ijara contract. As for the warehouse financing, the bank uses murabaha contract.

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BI: Beware Gold Investment

KEDIRI - The head of Bank Indonesia (BI) Kediri, East Java, asking the public to be careful if you want to invest their money in gold bars that are now starting much in demand.

"Investing in gold bars to watch the condition of the gold, lest only the iron content in it," said Leader of BI Kediri, Kediri Matsisno on Thursday.

Met in the Dissemination of Economic Development Region in the working area of ??Bank Indonesia Kediri, he acknowledged the public interest to invest some money in gold is quite high.

Not only in the Pawnshop are currently a lot of gold bullion held by residents as an investment, in some private banks also started offering gold investment.

To anticipate the fraudulent guise of gold investments, he asked the people to be selective also choose a bank. Hopefully, people choose an existing bank deposit guarantee agency (LPS) if you want to save the investment gold.

On Pawnshop, gold bullion investment has begun to show significant progress. Pawnshop Kediri Branch, Hadi Sucipto Prayitno, said in a month of pure gold demand is quite large.

He calls, the demand is greatest gold size 5 gram and 10 gram. While other sizes, 25 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, up to 1 kilogram is still minimal. "Gold prices will likely continue to rise. Therefore, this investment is promising," he said.

Gold Coins (144 Pc) -Plastic Toy Coins for Pirate Parties!  1 x Mini St. Gauden Gold Bullion Coin 144 Gold Coins
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Develop Allianz Microinsurance Sharia

Allianz life
 Jakarta, Allianz Indonesia is developing micro-insurance business sharia. Business that was involved four years ago has now got quite a significant portion, especially in one child Allianz Indonesia engaged in life insurance, Allianz Life.

CEO Deputy Chief Distribution Officer of Allianz Life, Handojo G. Kusuma, said that the Islamic microinsurance try to reach the region developed in the corners of the country. ''In addition to partnerships with finance companies, cooperation is also intertwined with the Financing Bank Rakyat Syariah (BPRS) and cooperatives,''said Handojo told Republika when found in the New Building Inauguration ceremony of Allianz Indonesia.
He claims no special market which became the main focus. Because the provisions in which only depend on the business partner of Allianz's market.
For example, our partner''more toward sharia products like this, yes we compensate,''he said. He said the product made ​​in a single package with a product partner company.

Source: Republika

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