Houses It Can Fly It's the Balloon!

Houses It Can Fly It's the Balloon!
CALIFORNIA - Still remember the cartoon movie Up! Pixar made ​​a few months ago? The film tells the story of parents and children who traveled to South America in a house that was flown by balloon.

The idea of ​​home that can be lifted by the balloon in this movie try to be realized by a team of National Geographic. Is it true that hundreds of balloons could lift a house with several people in it? Apparently you can!

Use the 300 helium balloons, they managed to lift a house as high as 10 thousand feet (or 10 level) for an hour. However, this raised house is not a real house, but the light house which consists of the board.

But this trial has been encouraging the crew. Executive producer Ben Bowie said, was pessimistic that the team can lift a house with 300 balloons. Eh it can and it shocked everyone.

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