Three Primacy Mother

  "... And be ye kind to mother your father the best way possible. If one of the two or both in the maintenance of old age you, then do not ever say to them saying" ah "and do not shout them and pronounce them a noble word. " (Surah al-Israa '[17]: 23).

God teaches us to do good and kind to both parents. To say to them "ah" (words that can hurt both of them) we are not allowed even more than that. Never once a man came to the Messenger of Allah, he asked the Messenger of Allah, "O Messenger of Allah, who is from the most eligible man I prioritize? Messenger of Allah said" Your mother ". The man asked again," then who else? "The Messenger of Allah said," then your mother. "beta male is back," then who else? "The Prophet said," then your mother "." Then who else? "The Prophet said," then your father ". (Muslim).

Imam al-Qurtubi in his commentary "Al-Jami'ul Ahkamil Al-Quran" says that the hadith shows three of a mother's love and sacrifice. Third case, the first is the sacrifice of a mother when in the pregnancy, the second is a sacrifice when giving birth, and when it is a sacrifice when feeding and educating children. The third case is done by myself.

The first case, his pregnant mother. When a pregnant body becomes vulnerable to 'danger'. Her weight has doubled, because it brings us in her womb. It lasted for about nine months. His love for us has been shed since then, he was always putting her baby than her own safety. He does not care about his body weight is increased because our presence in her womb.

The second case, when the mother gave birth. These moments are awaited by a mother. When where he could see her baby after for approximately nine months pregnant. But these moments are also times when the most high risk of his life. Due to give birth very susceptible to death. Not a few mothers who are willing to sacrifice his life for the birth of the baby.

The third case, while nursing and educational. After passing through critical times when giving birth. A mother's job does not necessarily go away. She should breastfeed her baby as the baby's first food. In his mind there's only how to grow a healthy baby. At least his jasadiah needs are met. After the passing of breastfeeding and the baby was growing up he had to educate him so that later became a pious son and Solehah. To educate with love and patience is like the sun shining on the world.

The third case is that makes a mother has three virtues than a father. And the third case we can never return our lifetime even with gold jewelry worldwide. Wallahu 'alam bi showab

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