Wow! There are 12 Abandoned Ancient City Residents Only Once

The world knows a number of city sites that have been abandoned. These archaeological sites scattered throughout the country. They reflect the cultural greatness and achievements of people living in the era. There are in prehistoric times, there are already entered the period of history.

National Geographic recently released again a few pictures 'lost city' on its homepage. The following cities are:

Petra, Jordan
This palace is carved on a stone hill. It is estimated that humans inhabit Petra since the 2nd century AD. In this National Geographic photo, the building known as the El-Deir. Archaeologists concluded that this building was once a shrine, before it turned into a church or monastery.

Machu Picchu, Peru
A city on the mountain. His discovery of horrendous world of archeology. In fact he only discovered 100 years ago. Until now archaeologists are still not sure what the city of Macchu Picchu this function. Because the Inca Indians who built it did not have a culture of writing and no written the remains.

Palenque, Mexico
This is the big city's first Mayan Indian nation. Located in the middle of dense forest in southeastern Mexico. Bordered by Guatemala. It is estimated that the Mayans already inhabit Palenque since 3000 last year. Throughout its history, the Maya and then build other large cities such as Tikal a cosmopolitan city in the category of its era.

Troy, Turkey
One of the most famous ancient city in history. Troy city shrouded in mystery, legend, and intrigue. Moreover, he appears in the story of the Iliad by the Greek poet, Homer. Found the remains of Troy in northwest Turkey in the 19th century by German archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann. He dug in the city Hisarlik, instead discovered the Trojan. Trojan site was not a single site. City built on another city. There were nine different cities within a single site that has about 5000 years old.

Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan
One of the oldest cities in Asia and the world. Mohenjo Daro developed due to the Indus River flowed. He was discovered in 1921. Twin brother of this city, who is also elderly, is Harappa. Age of this city is estimated at 4,500 years. He is trading with other ancient city, Mesopotamia.

Palmyra, Syria
The city is known also as the name of Tadmor. The city is still holding an important role until the 19th century. The traders since 300 AD had to stop in Palmyra to rest before continuing the journey to Mesopotamia and Persia. The strategic location makes this city colonized by the Romans in early AD.

Tanis, Egypt
Tanis city including one of the most mysterious cities in the world. He never became the capital of ancient Egypt. In this city one of the most excited are the archaeological findings, the mummy of Egypt's royal family. These findings parallel valuable as finding Tutankhamun's mummy.

Great Enclosure, Zimbabwe
Cities in Africa are often referred to as one Astu city that appears in various holy books. Place Queen of Sheba. Archaeologists are still unable to conclude how far the role and function of this abandoned city. Evidence as result the town was built by the Shona tribe, tribal ancestral Bantu tribes about 1250 years ago. The city is rumored as the center of worship.

Nimrud, Iraq
Situated in northern Iraq, the city became the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Nations who feared in his time as cruel and bloodthirsty. Always menjajajh surrounding towns. Assyrians appeared in recorded history in the 14th century BC. They dominate the Iraq-Iran-Turkey and surrounding areas. Seizure of territory by its neighbors, Babylon, Nimrud slowly making residents abandoned around 612 BC. Residents moved to the city of Nineveh.

Persepolis, Iran
One of the largest ancient city and influential in world history. Persepolis was the capital of the Persian Empire. Persian empire was so big, they have four capital. Persepolis was built in 520 BC. The city is built with magnificent architecture and intricate. Decorated with silver and gold. High-quality sculpture sculptures are placed in each the remains. Persepolis and Alexander the Great conquered Persia fell. He set fire to this city to the ground. Now their remnants can still be enjoyed in Iran.

Stonehenge, England
Already hundreds of archaeologists trying to interpret what the meaning behind Stonehenge stone pile. But still, mystery still surrounds this symmetrical stone pile.

Mesa Verde, United States
On this hill, more than 600 holes like wells created by the Pueblo Indians or also known as Anasazi. They lived from 550 BC. They built stone house in the proof of this. The biggest house that was built to accommodate up to 250 people.
Red: Stevy Maradona
Source: National Geographic


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