Empower Poor Fakir, Bali Prepare Fund USD 560.16 Mn

Empower Poor Fakir, Bali Prepare Fund USD 560.16 Mn
DENPASAR - Bali Provincial Government allocated Rp 560.16 million for the empowerment of the poor and indigenous communities (KAT) in 2011. "The funds are sourced from Bali budget to handle the three activities to empower the less fortunate," said Head of the Provincial Social Drs I Ketut Susrama Bali in Denpasar, on Monday (14 / 3).

He said the fund is part of handling social problems in Bali, all of which received funding of Rp 49.61 billion, consisting of the central government (APBN) to Rp 19.37 billion and Rp 30.24 billion budget Bali. Empowerment programs to reach target 115 poor households (families) with financial support amounting to USD 432.5 million.

Community empowerment efforts are made to provide working capital assistance according to their potential and skills, which include livestock assistance in the form of cows and pigs. Ketut Susrama explained, in addition to assistance funds disbursed to the central government for the development of joint business groups (KUBE) amounting to Rp127, 7 million with the goal of reaching 118 people.

The funds also to support the coordination of activities to reduce poverty in eight districts and one city in this region, said Ketut Susrama. Bali still has 12 remote indigenous communities (KAT) spread in three districts, each of Bangli, Karangasem and Klungkung.

Bangli District has recorded the most isolated hamlets, namely six areas, the District of Nusa Penida,
Klungkung four regions and sub Kubu, Karangasem regency, the two regions. Of the 12 KAT appropriate ethnographic study by the University of Indonesia in collaboration with the University of Udayana was no attempt to eliminate keterisoliran hamlet (banjo) is.

One of the 12 KAT has been successfully handled thoroughly namely Bunut and Banjar Banjar Village Madya Trunyan, Bangli District, making it the second row is no longer considered isolated. The rest worked out gradually according to the financial support available in the future, said Ketut Susrama.

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