Mosque-Based Economy Not Maximum Empowered

JAKARTA - Mosque-based economy has not empowered the maximum. Though the mosque has the potential to become centers of economic empowerment of the people. This was disclosed by the Secretary General of Indonesian Council of Mosques (DMI), Natsir Zubaidi.

Because of that, his side, he said, through a national working meeting DMI that was held in Batam, April 28 to 30 trigger assembly mosque-based Islamic economics. This was done as a form of concern over the economic and banking developments are still below 4 percent. Hopefully, through this assembly, the Islamic economic system based on optimal mosque empowered.

For his part, said he told Republika in Jakarta, Sunday (1 / 5) aware of these efforts must be supported by relevant agencies. DMI cooperating among others with Wallet Dhuafa for independence training. Both in the context of social or economic.

In the field of technological empowerment, DMI in collaboration with ICMI (Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals). Especially in order to perform data collection Mosque in Indonesia. Given that, from about 700 thousand mosques in Indonesia, which identified approximately 3000 new DMI Mosque. "There is no complete data," he said.

Chairman of the DMI, Suaib Didu said in a national working meeting it was agreed that as many as 12 points declaration. Pressure point declaration that focuses on the role and function Revitalization Mosque. This backdrop of the fact that the mosque is still used in limited places of worship and not be the center of the progress of the people. "The mosque has not yet been restored to function," he said

source: Republika



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